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Freelance web developer with 12 years commercial experience.

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I'm a Newcastle-based freelance web dev who can work remotely or on-site.
I've been putting websites together for years. So, how can I help you?


I started out on BASIC as a nerdy kid, and then C++ as a nerdy teenager. I headed to college and studied general computing but focused at university on object oriented programming (C++, Java) and web tech (PERL). Later, I taught myself PHP, coupled it with mySQL on the Apache server, and never really looked back.


I've been working in the industry since 2004, and I've overseen a lot of websites from conception to launch, and on to post-release work. My preferred environment is PHP & MySQL on Apache, and the usual suspects for frontend technology: HTML/5, CSS/3, Javascript/jQuery. I'm super comfortable turning a Photoshop template into a working, breathing site. I'm a friendly sort, and love talking through a client's business needs - and turning that into a reality. In more recent years, I've been mostly specialising in creating bespoke e-commerce websites built on my own engine, but I'm up for anything. If you think I can help you with your project, get in touch!


In the last few years, I've enjoyed some hobbyist game development. I've used the following languages and tools to varying degrees: C# (Unity 3D & monogame), LUA (Love2d & Pico-8), Javascript & Phaser.js, Haxe (Haxepunk, Haxeflixel, Lime, OpenFL), C++ and Objective C in Xcode, Swift, Java + Processing, GameMaker & GML. It's been nice working outside of my usual web scope, and it's fun to find new solutions to new problems.


PHP, mySQL, relational database design, HTML/5, CSS/3, Javascript, jQuery, semantic website markup, GIT, Apache htaccess mods & rewrites, Payment Gateway installations (Paypal, Worldpay, Sagepay, etc), bespoke ecommerce solutions, responsive website design, smooth Ajax w/PHP + JS, recent experience with Wordpress shortcodes, templates and basic plugins, AWS, C# w/ Unity3D, LUA and Love2d/Pico-8, Haxe, Java, the Processing library, some basic mobile app development experience with Android Studio & Obj-C/Swift in Xcode.

These Are Some Sites I've Made

I've hand-selected a few of my recent projects for you to peruse.

Holler Lifestyle Brand

Site design, cms implementation, responsive design and implementation, e-commerce design and implementation with Paypal payment gateway and full ecomm admin tools.

Jewelfirst Online Jewellery Store

Highly successful online jewellery store, involving many iterations over the years! E-commerce system, layout and element designs, cms system, Paypal payment gateway, Wowcher integration.

Erika Tanith Photography

Responsive cms brochure site for Erika Tanith Photography, including custom-made "client" area for album photo selection. Erika's site is currently being redesigned, expect an update here soon!

House Of The Quiet Self

Current work, launching Spring 2016. UI design and code implementation for a bespoke streaming audio player for the meditation site. Product page redesign.

What The People Say

Here's what my lovely clients have to say about working with me.

Deon Vozov,

"Beth has a fine eye for both the big picture and the smallest developer detail. I bring her my eCommerce site goals, and she turns around creative, freshly coded solutions that exceed my expectations. She keeps my site secure, fun and transparent, maximizing the visitor experience. A joy to work with, with great communication and turnaround times."

Chris Warner,

"We found Beth wonderful to work with, whereby her dedication to the various project updates that we requested of her was really great. Beth is extremely competent with her coding, with a speedy, on-hand and creative completionour various mockup designs. We wouldn’t hesitate at all to recommend her skills and services."

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